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The advantages and disadvantages of anticorrosive wood and the scope of application


防腐木是户外及庭院中地面平台、护栏、亭子、藤架、桌椅、小品等 第一、天然防腐木材:如加拿大和美国的红雪松,印度尼西亚和马来西亚的巴劳木,这种纯天然未经过任何处理、天然的防腐木材价格不菲,但是也是最环保的材料。 第二、目前人工防腐木木种主要有,在国内异军突起的樟子松,树质细、纹理直,质量不及进口的防腐木,但价格适中,目前在中国防腐木市场颇受欢迎。世界流行的南方松,生长在美国南。由于其特殊的细胞排列,防腐剂可达心材,且抗弯能力出色,因而最适合作为建筑结构框架使用。欧洲至爱的北欧赤松,具有修长挺拔、木质紧密强韧、木纹理清晰美观的特征。且低树脂和多孔的结构特点,十分适于防腐浸泡处理,是制作防腐木的好材料。 第三、早期的防腐木采用的是CCA-C、B木材防腐剂,这种防腐剂虽然有一定的毒性,但是由于只在室外使用,因此危害较小。如今,已经出现了ACQ-D、C、B木材防腐剂,经过这种防腐剂加工的防腐木,是通过环保标准的,其毒性大大降低,大家可以放心选购。 第四、检验防腐处理效果如何,直观上可以观察防腐木的表面光洁度,药剂处理不好的表面有粉末等杂质,颜色也不均匀。另外,可

Is the outdoor wood preservative and courtyard ground platform, guardrail, pavilion, pergola, tables and chairs and sketch first, natural wood preservative: such as Canada and the United States of Indonesia and Malaysia red cedar, Balau wood, the pure natural without any treatment, natural wood preservative is expensive, but also the most environmentally friendly materials. Second, the current artificial wood preservative wood species are mainly in the domestic, the prime fine, A new force suddenly rises. sylvestris, straight texture, wood preservative quality than imports, but the price is moderate, at present in the market popular Chinese wood preservative. The world's popular southern pine grows in the south of the United States. Because of its special cell arrangement, preservatives can reach heartwood and have excellent bending resistance, they are most suitable for use as structural frames. The European beloved Nordic Akamatsu has the characteristics of long and straight, strong and tough wood, and clear and beautiful wood texture. With low resin and porous structure features, it is very suitable for anticorrosion and soaking treatment. It is a good material for making anticorrosive wood. Third, the early preservative wood uses CCA-C and B wood preservatives. Although this preservative has certain toxicity, it is less harmful because it is only used outdoors. Nowadays, ACQ-D, C and B wood preservatives have been appeared. The preservative treated wood preservatives is greatly reduced by environmental protection standards, so you can safely choose them. Fourth, check the effect of anticorrosive treatment, intuitively observe the surface finish of anticorrosive wood, and powder with impurity and uneven color on the surface of chemicals. In addition, can

以直接劈开防腐木查看处理深度,好的处理能直达心材,至少也需到达1厘米的深度,这样防腐效果才会好。 第五、此外,还要注意查看木材表面有无节疤、裂纹、变形等现象。节疤不仅影响木材的美观,也是菌、虫等侵蚀木材的重要渠道。裂纹和变形现象主要是由于干燥处理不好造成的,经防腐处理过的木材,含水率一般在18%以下,放置在空气中不会开裂或变形。 第六、 虽然,防腐木具有很多骄人的特点,但由于其本身为实木材质在使用中会出现变色、发黑及开裂的现象。因此在后期使用中,需要定期用木蜡油对防腐木表面做好保护处理,来增强其表面的防水防污性能。

To directly split the anticorrosion wood to view the depth of treatment, the good treatment can reach the heart material, at least 1 centimeters of depth, so that the anticorrosion effect will be good. Fifth, in addition, but also pay attention to check the wood surface without knots, cracks, deformation phenomena. Knurr wood not only affects the appearance, but also an important channel for bacteria and insects such as erosion of the wood. The phenomenon of crack and deformation is mainly due to the poor drying treatment. After treated with preservative wood, the moisture content is generally less than 18%, and it will not crack or deform in air. Sixth. Although the antiseptic wood has a lot of remarkable characteristics, it will be discoloration, blackening and cracking in the use of the wood material itself. Therefore, in the later use, it is necessary to use the wood wax oil regularly to protect the surface of the anticorrosion wood to enhance the waterproof and antifouling performance of its surface.

毕节防腐木厂认为面对恶劣的外部环境,普通木材无法抵抗霉菌、雨水等的侵蚀,极易腐烂,而采用防腐剂毒化木材以后的防腐木,则可以防止木材腐朽菌腐朽功能的木材。它是在真空状态下,通过高压使防腐药剂浸入木材组织细胞内,紧密地与其细胞纤维组织混合,且药剂不会被释放。 目前防腐剂主要有CCA/ACQ,CCA主要成分为铜硌砷,ACQ主要成分为氨溶烷基胺铜。由于其保持着与普通木材同样的特性,色彩及质感,因此在户外园艺环境中使用相当广泛。 优点: 实际上,防腐木除了防腐特之外,还具有防白蚁、真菌、防腐蚀的三个基本功能。防腐木材还有渗透性好、抗流失性强的特点,同时还能抑制处理木材含水率的变化,减少木材开裂的程度。 缺点: 由于加压过程中浸注药剂,木材会略为有发绿的化学药剂颜色,并有颜色不均、色差大无光泽,随着化学药剂的流失,还容易变灰、黑。且一般未采取二次干燥,木材本身的含水率高,因此易出现变形、开裂的问题。 适用范围:

Bijie anticorrosive wood believes that in the face of harsh external environment, ordinary wood can not resist erosion such as molds, rain and so on. It is very perishable. The preservative wood after being poisoned wood can prevent wood rotting fungi from rotting wood. It is in vacuum, through high pressure, so that preservatives can be immersed in wood tissue cells, and closely mixed with cell fiber tissue, and the drug will not be released. At present, preservatives are mainly CCA/ACQ, CCA as the main component of copper Ge ACQ arsenic, main component of dissolved ammonia alkyl amine copper. Because it maintains the same characteristics as ordinary wood, color and texture, it is widely used in outdoor gardening environment. Advantages: in fact, the antiseptic wood, in addition to the antiseptic, also has three basic functions of antitermites, fungi and corrosion prevention. The anticorrosive wood also has the characteristics of good permeability and strong resistance to loss. It can also inhibit the change of wood moisture content and reduce the degree of wood cracking. Disadvantages: because in the process of compression impregnating agent, wood chemical, color will be slightly greenish, and uneven color, color dull, with chemical erosion, also easy to turn gray, black. In general, two drying has not been taken, and the moisture content of the wood itself is high, so it is easy to have the problems of deformation and cracking. Scope of application:


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